Social security and casino winnings

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McKee said she is a widow who lives on Social Security, can't see well and is a grandmother of 13. Gov. Bobby Jindal is targeting unclaimed gambling winnings as a financing source to keep

Is a social security card necessary in case you win a... - Las ... Blackjackqueen is right; you actually shouldn't have your social security card with .... not so huge winnings, but my accountant says I can deduct as a loss anything up ... I did get a statement from the casino also showing how much I "lost" (okay ... Maryland woman Cynthia Obie can't claim casino winnings after SS ... 11 Jan 2019 ... A woman who won thousands on a slot machine can't claim her winnings because the casino wrote her Social Security number down wrong. Social Security Mixup Costs Maryland Woman Slot Jackpot 11 Jan 2019 ... Obie handed over her ID and her Social Security number to the ... and Obie was forced to leave the casino without any of the winnings she was ... SSI Recipient's Failure to Report Income from Gambling - Legal Help

Unearned Income - Social Security Administration

b. Excess gambling losses can be carried over to next year. c. I can use ‘Income Averaging’ to lower taxes. d. Gambling winnings have no effect on the taxable portion of Social Security received. Unlike investors, gamblers cannot reduce winnings by losses and report the difference on just one schedule or line of the tax return. Do gross gambling winnings affect social security benefits ... Do gross gambling winnings affect social security benefits.?. gambling winnings would NOT affect the amount of social security benefits. If you are below full retirement age - your social security benefits MIGHT be reduced - but that is ONLY based on earned income - wages and social security. Gambling winnings are not earned income - and are not reported to the SSA.

18 May 2012 ... Gambling Winnings, Lottery Winnings and Other Prizes.

Sep 24, 2018 · When you have a win equal to or greater than $1200, you are issued a W-2G form. This form lists your name, address and Social Security number. The casinos are not required to take out withholding tax on jackpots under $5,000 as long you supply your Social Security number.

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